Steel Pro Basics


Based on our long experience in the engineering and steel industries, Toleap Consulting AB offers technology training, always with a focus on the customer, the customers customer and the end-user benefits. Top technical and commercial know-how creates the most competitive customer offer.


Material properties, design tips and practical advice for manufacturing are the main parts of this education. The holistic perspective means that we also reflect on other aspects, e.g. availability of materials, alternative materials, sustainability and end-user needs.


Different steel grades require different manufacturing. What steel properties will give you the best quality and productivity? Are the steel manufacturers recommendations adequate for your production? You can form a steel way beyond what you might is possible if you judge it from the elongation value only


Modern design methods allow you to make use of the steel properties. We will give you an overview of the subject and hands-on design tips. We give the engineers a lot of examples how to design and how to estimate the load capacity and durability of a design.


The Steel Pro Basic training is one day, on a higher technical level for designers, production engineers and other technically and commercially interested parties. We offer this course in Swedish and English.

Purpose of the training

  • to evaluate the recommendations and products from the steel manufacturers
  • to increase the knowledge on different manufacturing processes
  • to give insight in design solutions and choice of material
  • to exchange experience between the participants, especially when the training is carried out for only one company

Target group

  • Production engineers
  • Technical sales and sales support
  • Designers
  • Technicians
  • Professional people and students who want to learn the important Basics of Steel

Example of program.

  • Various types of steel and steel families
  • Steel in comparison with other materials
  • Steel properties
  • Mild steel compared to high strength steel
  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Good and bad examples
  • Steel management

You can order a tailor-made training program matching your specific needs, parts of the program or an extended program with more in-depth lectures on topics of your choice. We recommend the training scope to be between one and four days.

The follow-up will be by a questionnaire form. You will receive a diploma upon completion.

You are welcome to contact us at Toleap Consulting AB to order a training, or to get more information about our tailor-made offer for you and your co-workers.

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