Presentation tools

Presentation Technique and Communication Tools

Our work is largely about presenting and communicating. Therefore, it is natural for us to offer training in presentation skills and communication tools. We can direct the training to both companies and organizations as well as to other groups in need of learning to present with or without tools.

Purpose of the training

  • to increase participants’ skills in communicating a message according to the individual needs
  • to enhance the participants’ ability to use different techniques and tools
  • to give the participants the opportunity to practice and improve their skills
  • to give the participants hints and recommendations

Target group for education

  • Anyone who wants to improve and practice the presentation technique and/or the use of different communication tools.

The scope of the training can vary according to your needs. It can also be included in other of our programs. We recommend the scope of the training to be two days. The first day we go through the tools and you make a short presentation practice. The second day we give practical advice and tips while the participants are presenting themselves. The training ends with your final presentation on a topic of your choosing.

The follow-up is carried out by answering a questionnaire. On request, we can arrange a reunion where the presentations made after the training are evaluated. A diploma is handed out to the participants upon completing the training.

You are welcome to contact us at Toleap Consulting AB to order a training, or to get more information about our tailored offer for you and your co-workers.

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