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Consultative Sales

Based on our long experience, Toleap Consulting AB has developed a modern training concept for consultative selling in which participants are actively working with their own ongoing customer projects. We tailor-make the training to match your specific conditions, your co-workers needs and your company’s goals. There are also ready-made trainings to order.

The training covers market analysis, prospecting, upgrading the customer offering and consultative selling methods. The program consists of three modules. Each module starts with an assignment, designed to enhance the learning experience. We offer the training in both Swedish and English.

Purpose of the training

  • to make the participants more successful in prospecting, upgrading the offer and consultative sales
  • to develop the participants' skills in customer communication
  • to use the individual strengths as an advisory salesman
  • to let more experienced participants inspire their colleagues
  • to create role models and concepts of success
  • to increase the focus on upgrading the offer and the development of new customers
  • to involve the management in the dialogue with their co-workers and to create conditions for individual development
  • to increase the hit-rate of the sales efforts
  • to strengthen the customer relations
  • to increase the sales result
  • to exchange experience between the different actors of the sales process

Target group for training

  • Experienced salesmen
  • Technicians with customer contacts
  • Sales support
  • Purchasers
  • Sales managers

Module I - My mission, condition, team and tools.

The assignment prepares the participant for the different parts of the training and enables a better learning. The participant is also preparing to share experiences with the colleagues, to inspire and serve as a role model. It is very important that the participant tries to capture "the real thing" by

  • making use of material already available in his work.
  • working with real numbers and examples as much as possible.
  • having a positive focus on what works well, improvements, solved problems and how to make positive use of existing issues.

In module I, the own company’s perspective on the sales process is in focus. Lectures are mixed with activities where participants discuss and work in groups. Included subjects are:

  • market analysis
  • customer communication
  • available sales tools and sales methods
  • success stories
  • the customer perspective
  • marketing
  • workshops about the own work, individually and within the sales team
  • applied case studies
  • summary and homework for Module II

Management, sales managers and personell with special skills should, preferably, contribute with the specific strategies, targets and activities for your company.

Modul II - The customer and end-user perspective

The core module of the training. The participant's skills are trained in a very realistic but controlled context.

The assignment is to describe a selected customer company, including the market and their customers. A designated case is selected and further processeed during the training modules II and III.

Different techniques and methods are presented by invited speakers. The latest tools within marketing and sales are compared with more conventional methods. The meeting with the customer is in focus. How do you approach large and small companies? Who do you meet as a salesman and sales support? A good cooperation within the sales team is important.

During the workshop, the participants present and discuss their own situation as well as learn from their colleagues’ experience. Real customer cases are the base for effective and realistic sessions, thereby enabling the participants to find their strengths and areas for improvement. Everything is done in a controlled environment to later be applied in real life.

Module III - Increased competitiveness

The assignment is to conduct real customer activities and evaluate them. The results are compared with the earlier stated goals. We recommend the participants to have a dialogue with their management about the results prior to module III.

During the training the participants are given enough space to reflect on their activities and how to implement the consultative selling approach in their daily work. Workshops are used to show the outcome of the activities and what can be learned from both the successful and unsuccessful cases. The latter are often very valuable from a learning perspective. An analysis and evaluation of all activities is included in the training package.

Follow-up of the training is done by coaching individual participants and/or whole sales teams. A diploma is handed out to the participants upon completing the program.

You are welcome to contact us at Toleap Consulting AB to order a training, or to get more information of our tailor-made offer for you and your co-workers.

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